Delicious food accompanied a range of beverages. There are few things that participants look forward to more when attending a conference.


Starting the day with a shared breakfast is a good way to gather the group before the meeting.

Maybe several have traveled far and need a little extra energy before the work day begins. Then our breakfast buffet gives a perfect start to the day.

Coffee buffet, fruit platter or why not an energizing vitamin shot, loaded with fresh fruits and berries?


The breaks are important and should provide energy and conditions for meetings with creative and active participants

Morning coffee
The welcome coffee before the meeting makes for a good start to the meeting day. Once started, a leg stretcher is recommended. Our morning coffee consists of coffee and tea, and the kitchen's choice of sandwich with fresh toppings and juice.

Afternoon coffee
A break in the afternoon gives new strength and energy. Our afternoon coffee includes coffee and tea, bun / cake and the kitchen team's choice of yoghurt shot. Our range varies according to season and availability.


A pleasant lunch break in our unique premises provides good conditions for a rewarding afternoon.

We serve a healthy and well-cooked main course with seasonal flavors where salad, freshly baked bread, meal drinks and coffee are obvious elements.

“We compose the range so that it suits all types of meetings. Our customers also know that we are happy to take note of their wishes as far as possible ”Michael Homuth, Kitchen Manager, Stockholm City Conference Center.


Our creative kitchen team offers delicious menus with great variety. Choose from menus that contain Swedish flavors, or enjoy culinary experiences from around the world.

Seasonal menus
Choose from our seasonal dishes and create your own dinner menu!

Vegetarian or vegan menus
For those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan menu, it is of course also possible.


Is a glamorous banquet around the corner? Then we can help you with exclusive menus! Together with our kitchen team, we can tailor a menu that suits your event according to the season's range of ingredients.

Of course we can adapt the menus to vegetarian and vegan requests.


Finish the day's exercises with a relaxed afterwork! Take the opportunity and arrange an appreciated rounding off on a hard conference day. Afterwork is pleasant for both small and large groups and provides an opportunity for participants to discuss the day in a relaxed environment.

Serve a combination of exciting tastings along with something good to drink in one of our cozy and more intimate rooms, and success is a given.


At the Stockholm City Conference Center, you can book half-day packages for conferences with food and drink. is organic, and of course coffee / tea is served.

A healthy and well-cooked main course with seasonal flavors along with salad and freshly baked bread. Water and coffee / tea included.

Afternoon coffee
We serve a buffet with homemade goodies and other goodies. Our concept includes that there should always be something sweet, salty or sour.


Keeping your energy up during a full day conference can be a challenge! Our all-day package provides the opportunity for much-needed breaks with good, healthy and invigorating elements.

Conference coffee & lunch
Our all-day package includes morning coffee with a buffet consisting of various goodies. We also serve a healthy and lunch with seasonal flavors. In the afternoon there is a buffet set up with homemade goodies and coffee.

Mingle & food
Think about how you want to end your conference. Maybe mingling with food is suitable as a rounding off?


Our venues are very suitable for both small and large mingling. Put your personal touch at the end of the day by carefully choosing food, drinks, lighting and decorations.

The basic tip is to serve a combination of exciting flavors along with something good to drink. We offer countless menu options for mingling and cocktails.

An excellent opportunity to create opportunities for after-talk and togetherness after a long working day!


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