After an eventful day, it is a pleasure to be pampered in one of our restaurants and have the time to discuss the day’s impressions with colleagues or new acquaintances.

Our creative kitchen team offers delicious menus with great variation. Choose among menus that contain Swedish flavours, as well as impressions from all over the world. Along with our menus, we recommend our beverage package.

We compose our menus to suit all types of meetings. Big and small! - Michael Homuth, Chef, Stockholm City Conference Center


The environment is a natural part of our business Stockholm City Conference Centre makes numerous commitments to the environment when it comes to food. We take active responsibility by demanding specific standards for our ingredients, and we also offer entirely organic menus. We use local produce as much as possible and prefer to serve Stockholm’s delicious tap water. In addition, we have a fish policy to help combat overfishing and negative impacts on ecosystems.

SEK 275 all prices are per person and exclusive of VAT, we reserve the right to make changes.