Most people probably know that Northern Latin has been a traditional school for many years. You can feel the wings of history as you walk in the stairwells or sit in one of the former classrooms.

The auditorium was then, just like now, the heart of the house. Many students have ended the autumn term here to accompany the school choir’s Christmas carols and the principal’s Christmas speech. Today, the Auditorium is often at the center of slightly larger meetings or gala dinners here with us at the Stockholm City Conference Center. Many conferences begin here, which are later in the day divided into smaller groups, in different rooms in close proximity. The balconies outside the Aulan, around the light courtyards, are an excellent place for exhibitions, coffee breaks, mingling and networking between different program points. Many who have been to the Aulan in Northern Latin are usually amazed at the ceiling height and the fantastic light, and admire the fund painted by Prince Eugene.

At this time of year, planning for the coming meeting year is usually in full swing. Whether it’s a big conference or congress, a small meeting, or a party, we can help. There are 50 inspiring meeting rooms in Norra Latin and Folkets Hus.